To build a community we have to
build an individual’s life and its environment first.

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Bungmi Association for Community Empowerment and Leadership (BACEL) is an organization started by likeminded friends from Monsang Pantha Village, Chandel district Manipur, working towards building intentional communities by integrating the rich heritage of community wisdom and traditions with the current tools of technology and science to initiate, enhance, develop and impart an ecosystem of wellness, wellbeing, sustainability, empowerment and relevance to enable communities to thrive and to write its legacy.

Our Statements

Company Statements


To empower and equip indigenous communities towards sustainability, development, and wellness.


To help indigenous communities acquire knowledge, develop life skills and perspectives that enable them to have an empowered positive outlook and be a catalyst to drive growth and change for their communities.

We imagine a world where community life is romanticized towards self-sufficiency, embolden with traditional values, and possessing contemporary tools. We want to build communities through a systematic and integrated approach at the community level by empowering them towards self-sustenance through knowledge, livelihood building, positive lifestyle, skill development, and resource management.

What we do?

BACEL envisaged a community where there will be a centre for the wholistic empowerment of the community through the following services:

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1.Community Information Centre

  • A centre of knowledge, information and Counselling centre for youths with drug abused and alcohol addiction
  • A centre for career guidance and skill development
  • A centre to train/guide youths about entrepreneurship with external help if needed
  • A place where learning takes place side by side with maternal care, first aid and basic health care
  • A centre where Villagers can come together and discuss for the welfare of the community.
  • Web Access and Internet Services

2. Promotion of Positive Life Style among Youths

To inculcate a positive life style community member especially the youths will be given ample opportunity and platform to motivate them through capacity building programmes on life management, prevention of drug abuse, alcoholism and to organize seminars and focus group meeting and sessions for promoting positive life style among all sections and communities of people.

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3. Leadership Skills among Youths

To develop leadership skills in the students and youths of tribal community so that they may learn leadership skills along with their academic education and help them build sincere and quality leadership skills to lead their community in areas of development and social building.

4. Livelihood

To foster economic development programmes to promote agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, social forestry, indigenous plants plantations and poultry, fishery and animal husbandry to enhance the income level of rural poor with proper guidance and as per geographical and climatically suitable places.

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5. Gender Equality and Status of Women

To improve the status of women and promotion of gender equality by supporting the women societies in the community through skills.

6. Natural Resources Management

To initiate awareness activities and programmes for communities to make proper and sustainable use of natural resources such as land, water, various types of flora and fauna and all other elements in the environment and to conserve soil and water and for planting of trees so that the ecology and bio-diversity of the area is preserved.

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7. Health and Hygiene

To give awareness about basic community health by promoting community skills on practice of herbal medicine and traditional ways of massages and healing and establish a first aid centre to cater to the need of the community during emergencies. Also, to promote menstrual health among adolescent girls and women.


During River Cleaning Compaign.

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BACEL is a strong advocate of the world of self-reflection, having time to enjoy and cherish the beauty of everyday life and one’s cultural heritage. BACEL at its core is looking for creating a change of heart among youths who can see greatness in small things and knows how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment.

Through various interactive activities and initiatives, it also wants to collaborate with the experts to drive such changes at the community level.