Community Information Centre (CIC) – An Initiative.

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BACEL is working to build a Community Information Centre, initially to cater to the needs of the community in Monsang Pantha village, Chandel. The initiative is being envisaged as a centre with its proper infrastructure (though it will be a humble one in the beginning) where youths can avail knowledge, information, counselling, and guidance with first Aid facilities attached to it. It will also equip itself with facilities to access knowledge on jobs, knowledge, competitive exams-services and education purposes. However, it will not only be limited to serving knowledge and services. It will eventually become a centre where both youths and parents can stop by and discuss about life, village life styles, land resources, leadership and even spirituality over a cup of tea.

It will also evolve gradually into a place where online meeting/physical counselling, peer discussion, how to start entrepreneur (by subject experts with few participants) and small seasons on drug abused will be discussed. In short it will be a centre where something about positive life habits will germinate and slowly create an environment where the community is directed into a strong, healthy and self-sustaining community both in mental, physical, spiritual and in terms of economy. The centre is planned to cater mainly to the youths in particular and the general population in general. This initiative will be implemented by motivated and skill team of people from the village itself.


The centre initially aims for the following main features:

  1. Web Access and Internet Services such as E-mail
    • Market Access and E-commerce
    • Access to Socio-Economic Databases
    • E-learning (Computer Aided Learning Processes) and E-education
    • E-governance applications, Government to Citizen (Citizen Centric) services
    • IT awareness among local people
    • Short & need basis Computer Training Programmes
    • E-employment Notification
    • Education related like online admissions, Scholarship applications, study materials finding etc.
  2. As a knowledge Centre it will function to cater:
    • A centre of knowledge, information and resource
    • Counselling centre for youths with drug abused and alcohol addiction
    • A centre discussing giving awareness about land rights and meticulous uses of
    • land resources
    • A centre to train/guide youths about entrepreneurship with external help if needed
    • A place where learning takes place side by side with maternal care, first aid and basic health care
    • A centre where Village leaders and religious leaders can discuss development

Vision of the initiative:

To empower the community especially the younger generation to enhance their life skills with positive life style so that the community in course of time may directed towards a self-sustaining community in terms of life skills, livelihood, resource management, preservation of natural resources, knowledge efficiency, health facilities and information gathering.

Objective of the initiative:

  1. To intervene and inspire school dropout youths for self-sustenance
  2. To impart knowledge, avail information and provided various E-services
  3. To guide, counsel and mould youths in need both physically, mentally and Spiritually
  4. To start a centre to impart the youths about meticulous use of community natural resources and its conservation
  5. To motivate the community towards the importance of self-entrepreneurship for community sustenance.
  6. Indirectly address the rising issues of drug abuse and alcoholism among the youths.


Direct- The youths of the community especially the school drop outs, unemployed youths, drug abuse and those into alcoholism.

Indirect- The general population of the community and change in the social fabric of the community in large.


The Initiative will be started in the Monsang Pantha Village in with a proper centre (though in a humble way in the beginning). The centre will be somewhere in the village where all the community members can have access to it. It will have two rooms (1 10feet x 10feet square while the one will be of 15feet x 20 feet size). The smaller room will have computers and internet facilities for accessing E-services centre while the second room will function as a library, counselling/meeting room with library with it. Also, the First Aid facilities will be attached too. The centre will need initial support in terms of funds from external and from

internal to make the vision into a reality. It will not run in a business or profit-making style yet minimum charges will be collected from each entry so that that the centre is maintained continuously. Once the initiative gets rooted it may be replicated in other villages where it is needed.

BACEL (Bungmi Association for Community Empowerment & Leadership) is full swing to build this centre. The work has started yet we are looking for collaborators and donors to create a Community Information Centre in a village in Chandel, Manipur to rejuvenate the youths, women and other members of the community by building a centre for knowledge, information, Counselling centre for youths, career guidance, skill development, entrepreneurship and avail first aid and basic health care for the community.

You can donate by clicking on the QR code in donate now section. All donations/sponsorship amounts made to BACEL are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G. Visit for more information.

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All donations/sponsorship amounts made to BACEL are eligible for tax benefits under Section 80G.

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BACEL is a strong advocate of the world of self-reflection, having time to enjoy and cherish the beauty of everyday life and one’s cultural heritage. BACEL at its core is looking for creating a change of heart among youths who can see greatness in small things and knows how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment.

Through various interactive activities and initiatives, it also wants to collaborate with the experts to drive such changes at the community level.